In the Studio Zelensky said about his return


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Vladimir Zelensky will return to work in the Studio “Kvartal 95” at the expiration of his first term. This was stated by the assistant to the President Sergey Shafir in interview to the edition “Left coast”.

According to him, Quarter him and Zelensky is the business of life, which they left only for a while, “to do something important for the country.” “I’m counting the days when I get back to work. We want to make a big movie. In General, our dream is Oscar,” said he.

However, he could not say whether will return Zelensky to the actor’s activities after leaving the presidency. According to him, “Vladimir Aleksandrovich has long been not just an actor, and a producer with a capital”. That Zelensky will continue to make movies as a producer no doubt, says Shafir.

Earlier in the same interview Safir said that Ukraine will achieve direct negotiations between Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin, and noted that the President’s team sees a threat in a huge media resource is concentrated in the hands of the head of the political Council of the “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk.

Sergey Shafir is the co-founder of “Studio Quarter 95” and the closest ally of the family Zelensky. They control 10 of the companies entering into a business conglomerate. In an interview with “The Babel” Safir said that Zelensky has left his share in the business at the time of the presidency, he or his brother Boris, but the exact information called difficult. In addition, Shafir went into politics for Zelensky immediately after the inauguration of the latter. The corresponding decree was signed within a few hours after the ceremony.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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