Jessica Chastain covered 17 thousand liters of blood in the sequel to “It” and regretted


www.vsyako.netThe frame: the film “It 2”

Actress Jessica Chastain has volunteered to smear artificial blood from head to toe during the filming of the continuation of the horror movie “It”. About the artist said at a press conference on tape, reports USA Today on Thursday, July 18.

According to Chastain, the film’s Director, andrés Musetti promised her that in the most bloody stage it will be covered with blood just at the ankle. “And I said, “No, if we do this, let alone full. I love horror movies like “Carrie” (bloody horror movie 1976 — approx. “Of the”), so let’s do it, “Carrie on steroids,” said she.

The actress stressed that later regretted my decision because it turned out that it was not a short scene, and almost all the film. “For me, it was a torture,” she said.

Chastain added that shooting a film she spent more than 17 thousand liters of artificial blood.

The horror “It 2” will be released on September 6, exactly two years after the release of the first, which is also made of Moschetti. The previous tape was a remake of the horror film of 1990 and the adaptation of the novel by writer Stephen king about the clown Pennywise who kidnaps children in a small American town.

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