Lukashenko, Putin made a proposal for integration


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mikhail Klimentyev / RIA Novosti

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko suggested to Russian President Vladimir Putin to resolve all controversial issues and to prepare a programme strategy on integration by December 8, the 20th anniversary of the Union Treaty. On Thursday, July 18, reports TASS.

Russia and Belarus should not make any problems “beyond this life” is “running out,” he said.

“What are we going to say for the 20th anniversary? — said the Belarusian leader. — Needless to say, if we do not take all the issues that are there, and do not sign the program, which will define the strategy of our further actions”

Lukashenka suggested in the framework of the Supreme state Council or in a different format to approve the program and to “remove the current problems”.

The politician said that citizens of Russia and Belarus have long been waiting for from the President making specific decisions. “The time is characterized by the fact that it is necessary to take decisions,” he said, noting that the two leaders “have”.

Lukashenko reminded about his meetings with Putin in Sochi and Moscow, and added that he had been criticized for being too frequent contacts, not led to concrete result.

“We all decided what we wanted,” said the Belarusian leader, explaining that all the issues were submitted to the government level. “The program was developed, which, according to your own government estimates, 80-90 percent agreed,” said Lukas.

9 July meeting with Union state Secretary Grigory Rapota Lukashenko has complained that during the negotiations on the integration with Russia can be heard only promises that are not fulfilled. The politician stressed that there is no need of merging the two countries or even talking about it. Putin in late June, also said that the issue is not about the unification of Russia and Belarus into a single state. The administration of Lukashenka stressed that Minsk will be to evaluate Moscow’s proposal for further integration based on the idea of “absolute sovereignty” of the Republic.

At the end of 2018, the relations between the two countries worsened because of the decision of Russia’s tax maneuver, after which oil should be supplied to Belarus at European prices.

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