Mystery of the emergence of new technologies among the ancient people


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Scientists from the University of Ghent in Belgium came to the conclusion that the location of the ancient hunter-gatherers, who lived in a changing climate, has led to the emergence of a new throwing and other devices. About it reported in a press release on

The result of the warming that occurred at a rate of 1.5 to two degrees Celsius per century, the ancient people who lived in Europe in the Mesolithic (6-11 thousand years ago), were forced to deal with rising sea levels, increased droughts, changes in vegetation, migration of animals and forest fires. The researchers studied how these factors influenced the use and design of arrowheads, miniature stone tools — microliths and other tools.

The results of the analysis showed that the change in their shape was more complex than previously thought. While various modifications of tools could coexist in one and the same time different groups of people living along the shores of the North sea. As the level of the oceans rose, the former inhabitants of the basin were forced to resettle in new areas where increased competition for resources could strengthen the location. A specific form of artifacts could be the distinctive sign of belonging to a particular culture.

Change the shape of the microlites also seem to be associated with a short (one to two centuries), but severe climatic events. Triangular microliths appeared after a sudden cold snap in the early Mesolithic, associated with erosion and forest fires. A thousand years from now a similar event coincided with the appearance of small knives and retouched microliths, and arrowheads in the form of a trapezoid has replaced the older microliths during cold and drought in a thousand years.

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