Revealed rules of conduct for the party to attract a rich husband


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The wife of a millionaire and the Swedish blogeri Anna Bay explained to the girls how to behave during the party to attract the attention of wealthy men. Her words reports The Sun.

In the first place, according to 33-year-old Bay, you need to eat before the event. If the girl is hungry, instead of to communicate with others, she will think about food. “The actions of the starving girls do not look sophisticated,” she said and added that it is never to late to finish your dish.

Secondly, at the party you can drink maximum one glass of alcohol. Bay warned that after the second glass of some difficult to control their words, and in this regard, there is a risk to say something a potential suitor.

Thirdly, it is not necessary to stay until the end of the party. “Don’t leave when the party reached a climax. But go away immediately when the party went into decline,” recommends blogeri.

You also need to avoid any scandals. “Party for guests who want to have fun, and not for those who are in a bad mood. Even if someone plays the drama with a straight face ask them to solve their problems another time,” — said the expert.

Also, the Bay is always advised as quickly as possible to respond to the invitation of the owner, to bring him a gift and on arrival in the first place to approach him and greet.

Earlier in July, Anna Bay called the places where the easiest way to meet a rich husband. According to her, the potential choices are most often in health food stores or in tobacco shops, as well as at the Opera or the yacht show. A trip to Europe and the rest on the Mediterranean coast and Islands, like Ibiza or Mykonos, also increase the chances of meeting a millionaire. Bay advises girls to use personal connections to get into private parties and events, like secular weddings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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