Russian billionaire sued over the drugs for potency



Completed investigation of criminal case against businessman Igor Sparrow, a seller of drugs to enhance potency and not pay the taxes. About this newspaper “Kommersant”.

The owner of the companies “Vis” and “Panda”, producing and peddling supplements “Sealeks Forte and Alikaps”, was charged under articles 199 (“Evasion from payment of taxes in especially large size”), 238 (“the Circulation of products that do not meet safety requirements”) and 238.1 of the criminal code (“Trafficking in counterfeit dietary supplements”).

According to the publication, the Sparrow is charged with failure to pay one billion rubles in taxes, but his company has not paid, as estimated by the Federal tax service (FNS), two times more.

Sparrow does not recognize his guilt. Now he and his lawyers have started acquaintance with the case materials, after which it will be submitted to the court.

The defender found it difficult to give the number of casualties from the use of drugs, noting that none of them seriously hurt, but that was okay as dietary Supplements, which the consequence considers as harmful, it actually was a placebo, that is, a substance which has no apparent medicinal properties, but can also help the consumers who believe in him.

A criminal case was opened in 2015 after “Sealeks Forte and Alikaps” was discovered medication tadalafil intended for treating erectile dysfunction. This drug is sold on prescription, as it has serious side effects.

Companies Sparrow was revoked a license to produce the drugs, and he was taken under house arrest. In connection with the attempt of a businessman to escape from custody in the Czech Republic, he changed the measure of restraint and sent to jail in the fall of 2018. It is still there.

Company Sparrow was one of the largest Russian manufacturers of dietary Supplements and medical cosmetics. Revenue from business has exceeded four billion rubles. Currently, FNS initiated in the court of bankruptcy of companies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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