Russian football player remembered run on the field with a gun Ukrainians


www.vsyako.netEdward Mohoto: Schekinov Alexey Victorovich / Wikimedia

Former football player of Russian national team and “Spartaka” Edward Moore said that playing in the championship of Ukraine, participated in contractual matches. The word athlete leads Sportbox.

Moore remembered the incident that happened with him during the match of the First League. “The player has already somehow falls in the penalty area, while next to him was empty, the arbiter at all desire cannot give a penalty”, — said the player. After that, according to Mora on the field with a gun ran out the President of the club, which was made by the player and demanded assign a penalty.

“The audience laughs, we’re supposed to go. Do nothing, live want to stay. Not sure then what this President has done,” said Moore.

The midfielder started his career in the Ukraine, then moved to Russia. In the “Spartacus” Mor became the triple champion of the country. Also played for such clubs as “Saturn” “a torpedo” and “Khimki”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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