Russian region wanted magaziens installation


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Russian scientists propose to build in the Altai Republic the installation of a class “magicians” experimental station of registration of cosmic rays. On Thursday, July 18, reported TASS Pro-rector on development of the international activities of the Altai state University Roman Raikin.

As noted Raikin, to place the station is planned in the Chui valley because “it’s the best place for this type of installation on the territory of Russia”. According to the Provost, this location meets all three necessary to place such object requirements: the absence of clouds in the winter night, high altitude above sea level and a large area.

“Cosmic rays are flying to us from the most distant corners of the universe, and is the only source of information about what is happening there. This fundamental science on the one hand, on the other hand, to have these to conduct research, need so much equipment to develop that it moves forward and technology” — said Raikin.

He said that the cost of the project prepared by the consortium of universities for international research collaboration TAIGA, is estimated at several billion rubles, and involves the allocation of Federal funding.

According to the authors, this project can be implemented in the framework of the Federal program “Development of advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation” of the national project “Science.” In particular, it involves the commissioning by 2024, research facilities class “magicians” and the update to 50 percent of the equipment base of scientific organizations. For the program it is planned to allocate 350 billion rubles.

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