SBU beginning of the persecution “of Pro-Russian forces”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

Management of security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Zaporizhia has started an investigation against several representatives of the “Pro-Russian parties,” which promoted the idea of “federalization”. About it reports “Interfax”.

Representatives of the “Pro-Russian” parties are accused of carrying out subversive activities threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Criminal proceedings is conducted under articles of treason and voter bribery the Criminal code of Ukraine.

SBU informs the individual defendants, which “Pro-Russian parties” they belong to and what was their subversive activities.

Earlier the staff of SBU in the Lviv region have been accused of “propaganda of separatism,” the authors of the poll. The survey participants were asked to determine the fate of Galicia (historic region, including Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk region of modern Ukraine). The response options included maintaining the current status, being a part of the decentralized, Federal Ukraine, the Declaration of independence and the accession of Poland.

In the secret service called the survey a “provocation” and “an obvious element of enemy propaganda”. In the SBU considered that the holding of such survey can be described as a article of the criminal code “encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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