The man was schooled sloppy neighbor-smoker and found support in the network


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A Reddit user under the nickname KushNcollardGreenz said that he had sent the neighbor on the email trash that he threw on his bed. Commentators have been delighted with a sophisticated revenge of the user.

According to KushNcollardGreenz, on his return from six weeks ‘ vacation he found in his garden 47 butts. The only smoker was there his neighbor.

“I went to his house and politely asked if he can remove them. He told me to get lost, and slammed the door in my face,” shared user. According to him, he had, crawling on his knees, hands to pick out the cigarette butts out of the mud.

In recognition KushNcollardGreenz, now he sends them to the neighbor in the mail with a note “don’t be an ass, pack up your garbage.” After the 26th “packages” to his house came the wife of a neighbor, who apologized for his behavior. “He sent his wife to apologize to my wife. He did not even have enough sense of decency to apologize to me like a man before a man” — he was indignant.

The user said that his wife was enraged by his act, calling it petty, and demanded to immediately stop. The user has asked commentators to rate him.

The publication scored 28 thousand likes. Many users have delighted the imagination of the author of the post and said his revenge epic. “I’m a smoker and think it’s cool,” said one of them. Some said that the wife of the user did the wrong thing by not supporting him in this situation.

The number of subscribers was seen in the current situation, the metaphor of big politics. “I like that their wives act as ambassadors, this microcosm of international politics and how they really are petty,” said a user SOwED.

Previously, Reddit users criticized the guy who refused to pay for his girlfriend in a cafe. They called him a miser and a tightwad.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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