The Russians explained the procedure for the replacement of paper passports electronic


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The authorities do not plan to carry out a special campaign to replace paper passports e — this can be done either on reaching 20 or 45 years, or voluntarily. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, reports on Thursday, July 18-RIA Novosti.

The Deputy head of the government noted that if the period of replacement or obtaining a passport has not yet come, citizens will be able to use paper passport. He stressed that a forced replacement is foreseen. “If you’re after 45 has already received the passport, they get to the grave to use it, no one to withdraw will not” — said Akimov.

17 July, Deputy Prime Minister showed a sample of future electronic passports of Russians-size plastic debit card. He demonstrated that the electronic identity card of the citizen will contain information that over the life of man does not change, and such data as name, surname, country, date of birth, place of birth, place of residence, driver’s license, SNILS, INN and validity of the document. On the back of the sample card shown Akimov, is a letter and a QR code and a holographic image of the owner. Each passport will operate 10 years.

According to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, replacing the paper e-passports will occur by 2024 and will be carried out in stages. According to him, the old passports will be valid, so the transition was for the Russians “comfortable and painless.” The Prime Minister said that the Russian enterprises of microelectronics have already expressed their willingness to supply chips for electronic passports in order to protect the personal data of Russians from hacking and manipulation.

His Deputy added that to the electronic passport will be in 2020. According to him, the pilot region will be Moscow.

A Russian passport is issued to all residents of the country in 14 years. The document is required, it should be changed at age 20 and 45 years.

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