The Russians questioned the need for education for a successful career


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The majority of Russians considered education an optional condition for obtaining a high-paying job. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), reports TASS.

According to sociologists, in recent years, the Russians have reinforced my belief that education has no effect on material well-being. So, in 1991, were confident in this, 47 percent of Russians, and in 2019 — 70 percent.

In addition, sociologists note, in the last 11 years has also increased the skepticism of the Russians to education as a mandatory condition for building a successful career: in 2008, it was stated by 45 percent of respondents, now is 68 percent. The Russians are also increasingly question the inevitability of undesirable work because of the lack of diploma (50 percent in 2008 and 65 percent in 2019).

Most of the scepticism towards higher education is observed in young people. Thus, among respondents aged 18 to 25 about overstating the importance of higher education, said 74 percent of respondents, and disagreed with the prospect of low-paying jobs without a degree, 76 percent.

Also in the last three years the Russians began to consider education less accessible (53% in 2016 and 63 percent in 2019). At the same time increased the share of Russians who consider higher education a necessity. The Russians believe that the diploma of higher education need to, because it is not accepted, say sociologists. So, in 2010, it was stated by 6 percent, and in 2019 — 18 percent.

Earlier it was reported that the number of budget places in Russian universities will be reduced by a quarter by 2024. At the same time, students will become more 15 percent, in connection with which the Russians will be more difficult to obtain higher education at state expense. Competition in the budget Department will average 1.9 per place instead of 1.4 in 2018. the growth in the number of applicants due to the national project “Education”, which envisages the involvement of students from other States, their share could double and reach 425 thousand people.

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