Trump laughed at his impeachment because of the insults of non-white women


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jonathan Drake / Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump mocked by voting to remove him from office because of derogatory comments about non-white women in Congress. About this he wrote in Twitter account.

“This is probably the most ridiculous and needlessly time-consuming project that I have ever had to work”, — said the American leader, adding that this should not happen with a different President.

Trump recalled that when the USA experienced the greatest economic boom, was created highest number of jobs, there was a severe reduction of taxes, but also reformed the armed forces. The resolution for impeachment was rejected by 322 votes of congressmen, 95 called for its consideration, and one abstention.

July 16, demanding the impeachment of trump spoke kongressvuman, a native of Somalia, Ilhan Omar. In her opinion, the American leader violates the fundamental human rights, and his administration is the most corrupt. The day before trump is called “”progressive” women Democrats of Congress” to return to their countries. “[They] were originally natives of countries whose governments are complete and total disaster (…) and now loudly and angrily telling the people of the United States, the most great and powerful nation, what should be our government,” he argued.

May 30, it became known that in Congress think including impeachment of the current President of the United States. It was noted that the final decision will be made when the policy will examine the results of the investigation of spectracolor Muller of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 and the possible collusion of trump with the Russian side.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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