Vulnerability in Bluetooth allowed hackers to spy on network users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Toru Hanai / Reuters

Found in the Bluetooth vulnerability was allowed to track the location of devices with Microsoft operating systems, iOS and macOS. This was stated by the researchers David Starobinski (David Starobinski) and Johannes Becker (Johannes Becker) at the event on privacy protection technology in Sweden. The results of their work leads ZDNet.

According to experts, the vulnerability is due to the fact that many modern devices that support Bluetooth in the notification of the presence use random MAC addresses. This is to prevent long-term tracking.

However, experts have found that they do not change synchronously. Given this fact, the researchers have developed an algorithm which could determine the permanent device IDs, collecting and analyzing the obtained by transfer from the device data with random addresses.

Thus they were able to monitor the device on an ongoing basis. Experts said that the vulnerability is not for Android because this operating system is sending data in a different way, different from devices based on Windows, iOS and macOS.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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