96-year-old pensioner set a world record by running


www.vsyako.netPhoto: runnersworld.com

A native of the U.S. state of Virginia ran five thousand meters in 42 minutes 30 seconds and set a world record in the age group of 95 to 99 years. It is reported by the magazine Runner’s World.

July 11, in Ames, Iowa, 96-year-old Roy Englert (Roy Englert) surpassed the previous record holder Frank Levin (Frank Levine) almost eight minutes. His predecessor ran the same distance in 50 minutes, 11 seconds.

Previously, Americans set a record in the 800 meters, 1.5 thousand and three thousand meters in his age category.

Englert admitted that winning Championships require a lot of work. In training, the man daily runs three to five miles. A few days before the competition, he increases physical activity and focuses mainly on the pace.

Pensioner claims that he runs slow. “I think I many have experienced. So I win easier, because there are almost no remaining competitors,” ironically remarked the champion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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