Actor from the children’s TV show spoke about the “corruption” behind the scenes


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Actor Ronnie Le drew (Ronnie Le Drew) told about sexual incidents involving puppets behind the scenes children’s TV show Rainbow. He described them in the book “Zippy and me”, which quoted the British tabloid the Sun.

According to the puppeteer who ran a Teddy hero Zippy, he and his colleagues used every opportunity to entertain the crew of the cheeky behaviour of puppets having sexual overtones. It has become a habit in the late 1970s, when the film crew left, the Director Pamela Lonsdale (Pamela Lonsdale). “The loss of our headmistress, it seemed, awakened in our students,” explained the actor.

“Several times during rehearsals Zippy secretly dragged under the blanket of a big carrot, which protrude at the right moments, and he became very addicted to masturbating,” said Le drew.

According to the actor, puppets George and Zippy sometimes “doing what grown-UPS do in bed.” It was a way to entertain the operators of the show. Directors often pulls the puppet masters, inspired by a toy “intercourse.” He added that when the props they had musical instruments, the situation has worsened. It became a way to test Directors and operators to care.

Le drew has admitted that many times I caught myself on the fact that, seeing “sex” Zippy and George, he didn’t realize at fault.

In the early 2000’s was published the clip, which the actors of the show filmed in 1979 for a Christmas party. In it, they played such jokes with subtext.

Show Rainbow — children’s programme broadcast on British television for 25 years. Her characters were puppets, all of them were more than a dozen. Puppet Zippy is a fun and powerful character-extrovert, whose mouth you can “zip up” a zipper. George — a shy pink Hippo is an introvert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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