At Sheremetyevo airport during the evacuation of the ship disaster injured passengers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Passengers injured during emergency evacuation of the plane in the Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo”. It is reported by Telegram-channel Baza.

The ship was about to fly to Yerevan, but before takeoff in the cockpit and cabin appeared smoke, and the pilot decided to evacuate via the emergency stairs. Among passengers the panic has begun, on Board there was a stampede.

In the result, eight people suffered abrasions, bruises and sprains, five of them were taken to the airport infirmary.

All on Board were 178 passengers.

An Agency source “Interfax” in the organs of air traffic control said that two people in the incident were hospitalized.

May 5 in the Sheremetyevo the plane crashed. The plane SSJ-100 “Aeroflot”, EN route flight Moscow — Murmansk, caught fire during the emergency landing. The result of the 78 aboard passengers and crew members killed 41 people, including one child. A criminal case under article about infringement of safety rules of aircraft traffic entailing death of two or more entities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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