Brawl on the plane cost the passenger in 85 thousand pounds


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Scott Heppell / AP

The brawl on Board the aircraft of the airline Jet2, flying from Stansted airport in the Turkish Dalaman, cost the passenger in 85 thousand pounds (6.7 million). It is reported by CNN.

In such amount, the court estimated the reimbursement of expenses caused by the behavior of Chloe Haynes on Board the ship. Also, the airline for life brought the girl to the black list.

The incident occurred June 22. 45 minutes after takeoff Haynes jumped up from his seat and tried to open the emergency exit door. When flight attendants did not give her to do, she headed to the cockpit.

Other passengers threw her to the floor, keeping for hands and feet. Haynes at this time, loud cursing and said he wanted to kill everyone.

In the air was raised by two fighter Typhoon Royal air force escorted the airliner back to Stansted. At the airport deboshirki was arrested, she was charged with “two cases of assault and endangering the safety of aircraft.”

“We hope that this incident and its very real consequences will be a serious warning to those who thinks he can behave this way,” commented the court’s decision, the Executive Director of Jet2 Steve hipi.

In June, the departure of Boeing 737-340 airlines Pakistan International Airlines was delayed because the passenger, who accidentally opened the emergency exit door, confusing it with a toilet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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