Bride shamed for “monstrous” dresses her bridesmaids at the wedding


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Facebook

Users of social networks shamed bride, dressed girlfriends in “monstrous” dress to my wedding. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A resident of Florida under the name J. e-published in Facebook a photo from the celebration, where she is posing together with their guests. The bride complained that one of her friends was shocked by the bright green color of the dresses, which she personally selected for girls. She also noted that each dress cost her $ 50.

However, users of the social network not only ridiculed the color of the bridesmaids ‘ dresses, but also their design. “Who kept the barrel at your head when you picked up these dresses?” — taunted one of the commentators. “I can’t even come up with a model of dress that would look good in this color” — wondered the other. “The longer I look at it, the more terrified I,” admitted the third lady. “Your friend’s right. The color and the style is monstrous,” said the fourth.

In July, netizens scolded a guest of the wedding like lingerie dress that she was going to come to the celebration. A woman named vvbee43 posted on the wedding forum Wedding Bee photo satin slip-dress with leopard print and asked whether it is suitable for the event. It criticized for the wrong choice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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