Called use care about women’s rights


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Countries who care about economic and social equality of men and women are more likely to have a healthy population. To such conclusions researchers BMJ Open Journal, reports The Telegraph.

The work touched on data from 162 countries during the period from 2004 to 2010. Found out that in those States in which more emphasis was placed on women’s rights, improving reproductive health indicators, life expectancy, prevention of diseases, vaccination of children.

This, according to the study authors, lead to the common good, as it positively affects the economy. “When we invest in girls and women, we create an effect that is beneficial to all, and to strengthen society needs a policy of care for women,” said Katja Iversen, the head of a human rights organization defending the rights of women.

As the newspaper notes, there are criteria of population health to which women are not directly affected — such as the number of hospital beds and qualified doctors. In addition, the correlation of factors does not mean that one of them is the cause of the other.

A new step in the recognition of human rights for women are going to do in Saudi Arabia: on 11 July it became known that the authorities of the Kingdom plan to abolish a law that women of any age have the right to leave the country’s borders without the permission of the guardian from among the male relatives.

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