Company Petersburg has saved millions thanks to the employees of


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Several companies from St. Petersburg was able to save hundreds of millions of rubles due to the elimination of redundant processes to which they have employees, writes TASS. This was done in the framework of the national project “Productivity and support employment.”

According to the Agency, the company “Izhora plants” have launched a system that involves a process of continuous improvement of production.

“We launched the production system… which involved our staff at all levels, from the General Director to any employee. They draw attention to the loss and offer any improvements in their work”, — said the head of the project office of the company Rostislav Bazhenov.

As an example, he cited the proposal of the employees according to the sorting in the storage cabinets of the cutting tool that has proven its effectiveness. According to him, in 2017 the effect of the implementation of the proposals of the workers amounted to 635 million rubles, in 2018 — 500 million, and in 2019 — 181 million.

According to Bazhenov, the system is called the “culture of cost control”. “I want to introduce this culture to people treated as its cost,” — said Bazhenov.

Similar measures have been taken by the company “Armalit”, which was among the seven pilot participants of the national project to improve productivity. After completion of the trial period the company decided to continue in this direction.

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