Georgian court released the suspect in the trafficking of children Ukrainka


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Tbilisi city court has stopped criminal prosecution of the citizen of Ukraine Yulia Suslak, which in Georgia is accused of trafficking in minors. This publication reports the “Echo of the Caucasus”.

Suslak was released in the courtroom. According to the lawyer, the woman was released due to the inability to prove her guilt in the crime. The result, in turn, said that further investigation in Georgia is impossible and its materials will be transferred to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office.

She Suslak called the case against him was fabricated. According to her, she cooperated with the investigation, which, taking advantage of her ignorance of Georgian legislation, tried to persuade Suslak to plead guilty.

Case Suslak broke out in April of this year. This book is accompanied by 10 children arrived in Georgia from Russia, where he intended to go to Abkhazia, where she was supposed to meet husband, Ukrainian businessman Yuri Suslak. However law enforcement bodies of Georgia considered it suspicious that four out of ten woman accompanying the children were born in the same year. On 25 April she was arrested and charged with child trafficking. Suslak denied the accusation, saying that her six children were born from surrogate mothers.

In early June the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky sent to Georgia his personal plane to bring all the children on the territory of Ukraine. The decision to return the children was made after a meeting of representatives of the investigative bodies of Georgia with the special representative of the President of Ukraine Mykola Kuleba.

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