Granddaughter sued the veteran presented to Putin the apartment


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The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg, a veteran of the great Patriotic war Hanif Sitdikov lost his apartment, he handed in 2013, according to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is reported URA.RU with reference to the press service of Sverdlovsk regional court.

According to the news Agency, six years ago Sitdikov got an apartment on the street of Electricians on the terms of social hiring. The veteran decided to privatize housing and issued the right of ownership to his granddaughter. At the same time he remained was in the room.

Subsequently, the veteran and his relatives had a conflict — in-law wanted to sell the property, and the veteran did not agree to and from the premises is not discharged. It came to blows: at some point the son beat the old man. Sitdikov sued the man to court and won it, said URA.RU: the offender on July 12 was sentenced to 440 hours of labor.

Soldier after a quarrel with his relatives had also decided to regain control of the apartment, donated by the state. However, the submitted property claim was not satisfied — the judge found that the veteran at the time granddaughter passed the property in good faith. The pensioner has retained the right to stay in the apartment.

Earlier in July, in Talmensky district of the Altai territory resting on the river Chumysh found in water, the urn containing the ashes of veteran of the great Patriotic war. The urn was handed over to the police, but relatives of the veteran refused to take it: according to them, the veteran requested his burial in their native lands, and because the son left the vessel with the ashes in the river where he was found later.

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