Group “on-On” has arranged erotic photo shoot with a fan for the cat-the pretender


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Members of the group “on-On” took part in an erotic photo shoot with a fan. Reported by the Daily Storm.

It is noted that shooting with strawberries, bananas and half-naked soloists were held in the apartment of the founder of the team Bari Alibasov. The musicians agreed to participate in it because I wanted to return the cat Osiris, who had the con man sold to relatives Alibasov. They thought this missing Sphinx producer Chucha.

Fan of Maria admitted that happy with the filming, but will give the pet after receiving the shots. She added that she loves lyrical songs “on-On” and participants preferred the Natalia Politov Vladimir.

June 12 it became known that the cat Alibasov Chucha had escaped during a press conference held at his house. The family of the producer promised to find the pet a reward. The next day an unknown person brought the Sphynx, saying that he belongs to the producer, and took the reward in the amount of 800 thousand rubles. When it became clear that this is not Chucha, it was decided to give the cat Osiris fan.

June 17, crook was asked to return the pet. According to him, he saw in the media news that from home Alibasov escaped his cat Chucha, decided to steal from the country relatives pet of the same breed. However, having learned about it close stated that they would ask the police if the man did not bring Osiris back.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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