Huawei closed the question about replacing Android


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Huawei plans to continue to use the mobile operating system from Google, as their own Hongmeng is not designed for smartphones. This was stated by member of the Board of Directors and senior Vice-President Catherine Chen (Catherine Chen), says the Agency “Xinhua”.

It was assumed that the Hongmeng will be replacing the Android and Windows if Huawei is banned from working with Google and other U.S. companies. Together with Huawei in the development participate Tencent, a subsidiary of the company BBK (Oppo and Vivo) and Xiaomi, and the results of the first tests, it was faster Android 60%.

However, during a press conference in Brussels Chen said that the company will not use Hongmeng on mobile devices. According to her, this OS is designed for use in enterprises, and work on it began long before the introduction of Huawei in the black list of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In may 2019, the Chinese company and 70 subsidiaries included in the black list of the us Department of Commerce. The result about the termination of cooperation with Huawei announced by Google, which entails the termination of support devices of Android and a number of applications of the American Corporation. At the same time, the ban will not affect the already released devices that Huawei will continue to release updates.

Thus in June U.S. President Donald trump after meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping at the G20 summit in Japan has decided to allow American companies to sell Huawei equipment. According to sources, licenses to American companies to resume trade with the Chinese organization can begin issuing in July-August 2019.

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