Rare phobia forced a woman to afraid to sleep


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A resident of the English County of Surrey spoke about a rare phobia where she was afraid to die in my sleep. Her story leads to the tabloid The Mirror.

26-year-old Rachael Williams (Rachael Williams), the mother of three children, noticed increased anxiety, when the younger sons was diagnosed with autism. A woman worried about full development of children, trying to create comfortable conditions. “I tried 110 percent,” she says.

She started having trouble sleeping when her husband Craig (Craig) spent a year in the city Aldershot, Hampshire, to unlearn the mechanics. Williams was four months pregnant with the third son.

“I was so scared to die in my sleep. Because then no one would have found me and my children. Nobody would have helped, — the woman speaks. — I was worried whether they will be able to survive and wait for the return of the father.” A British woman recalls how couldn’t get to sleep until five in the morning until I woke up her sons.

Williams was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. “Fatigue drove me crazy. I wasn’t myself”, she said. Despite the pregnancy, the woman rapidly lost weight. Assuming that it is a serious illness, she turned for help to the hospital. The patient was diagnosed with hypnophobia and sent for treatment to a psychiatrist. The doctor taught her how to cope with panic attacks, including through hypnosis.

Craig returned home safely, and Williams began to sleep better. “Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel, she concluded. — I feel happier and less anxious before bed”.

Hypnophobia — irrational and uncontrollable fear of sleep. The disease can be cured by eliminating all factors causing the anxiety, or with the help of cognitive psychotherapy.

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