The administration trump wanted to do away with the refugees


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jose Cabezas / Reuters

In the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump discuss the reduction to zero of the quota on approved applications for asylum in 2020. Against this decision favored by many politicians and government officials, Politico reports.

This measure is still being discussed at closed meetings. It is known that the Ministry of internal security of the United States stands for a number from three to 10 thousand people. This year it was $ 30 thousand — a significant decrease compared to the 45 thousand last year.

The Pentagon openly opposed the nullification of quotas: the military care about the thousands of Iraqis who helped American troops during the campaign in Iraq, and now need shelter. Also unhappy with this prospect and the organization, ensuring the granting of asylum, they state that this could undermine the credibility of their programs in the years ahead.

This proposal is associated with the migration crisis on the southern border of the United States: to her in 2018 moved thousands of illegal migrants from Central American countries. Many of them became asylum seekers in the United States. To curb the flow of people, trump sent to the border troops and has threatened sanctions Mexico, through which territory are refugees.

In may 2019 U.S. border patrol agents arrested more than 132 thousand people, who appeared from the Mexican side: a third more than in the previous month, the biggest monthly figure since 2006. In Washington the situation was called a crisis.

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