The ceiling in the apartment of a large family collapsed during a children’s holiday


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home “Life in Kudrovo” in “Vkontakte”

The apartment is a large family Dashkovs from St. Petersburg collapsed ceiling. The accident occurred at a time when the whole family gathered in the kitchen. About Artem Dashkov wrote on the page in “Vkontakte”.

The apartment was bought by the family a year and a half ago, it was sold with the finish from the Builder. The incident occurred on the evening of July 17, during a celebratory feast on the occasion of the birth of the youngest son. “In the kitchen, laid the table, sat down to celebrate. Suddenly, from above, something started to crackle. The wife raised her head, and the ceiling is cracked. Says: “get out of the kitchen immediately!”, everything came out, and then the ceiling collapsed,” wrote Dashkov.

According to the man, the ceiling collapsed and large pieces of plaster, broke dishes. A heavy piece of the ceiling fell on the spot where he was one of the children added by the user.

In 2018, a resident of Chelyabinsk region accidentally destroyed the wall that separated his room from the entrance of the house. The man with the effort of trying to open a broken door to the apartment, this was the reason for the shift to concrete slab above the door which fell inside the room. According to neighbors, the wall of the porch has long been cracked.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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