The doctors helped a runaway from a bear with his nose in the hands of the hunter



Hunter from the American city of Westfield, Pennsylvania, for three years was treated after the attack of a grizzly. It is reported WEWS-TV.

In 2016 Lee brook (Brook Lee) hunted in Wyoming. He shot the elk and dragged the prey to the camp, when he rushed the bear. The man lost consciousness and when he awoke, he felt for the knife and stuck it into the predator. Rising, he saw on the ground lying in his own nose. The hunter did not panic, put it in his pocket and shouting ran away.

The bear tore off the brook the nose and upper lip. In hospital man for 30 days immersed in an artificial coma. At the time of treatment nose reattached to his arm. Before you return it to the place the hunter was to undergo dozens of operations.

Over the next three years, plastic surgeons have restored the mutilated man’s face, using cartilage and tissue from various parts of his body. New lip made of skin with its feet, whiskers let a hair from his head. Nose transplanted with hands on face a few days ago.

After surgery, the face hunter lost sensitivity in some areas. “I’ll never feel me kissing his wife. Never, he says. — This is probably the most important thing for me.”

In 2018, it was reported that in Wyoming, the grizzly bear wounded a man who hunted deer elk with a bow and arrow. His guide died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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