The famous TV host was furious from the replay of the show with their participation


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Australian TV presenter Shaun Micallef (Shaun Micallef) called the staff of ABC idiots for a replay of a week ago with his participation. A comment he posted on Twitter.

“They broadcast is not that,” he said, accompanying the statement with the hashtag with insults. It turned out that the staff of ABC by mistake again broadcasted old episode of his Comedy show Mad As Hell.

According to Micallef, his wife called on the ABC switch, trying to help them correct the error. He also tried to contact the channel.

Publishing the host attracted the attention of Internet users to the show, many of them decided to watch it. Actors involved in the filming of Mad As Hell, admitted that an error in the translation made them more popular: the posts of Micallef for their accounts signed up new fans. “They launched the wrong episode of Mad As Hell, and I have 160 new followers” — boasted one of them.

As The Guardian reports, later the staff of the ABC issued a statement which said that the episode was produced due to “technical errors” and a new series Micallef’Shaun’s Mad as Hell will air on Thursday evening.

Micallef’Shaun’s Mad as Hell is an Australian Comedy news television program. Its name is a reference to the black Comedy 1976 Network. Since launching in 2012, it was released on 10 seasons of the program, it is one of the most popular in the country.

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