The FSB detained the chief physician of the Russian hospital


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The FSB detained the chief physician of the Transbaikal Central hospital, on suspicion of theft by fraud of two million rubles on the program “Zemsky doctor”. About it “” has informed the representative of management of Investigatory Committee of Russia on Transbaikalian edge Egor Markov.

The medic is charged with article 159.2 of the criminal code (“Fraud upon receipt of payments made by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, by a person using his official position, in the large size”).

According to the investigation, in 2018, the suspect agreed with the internist and neurologist in Zabaykalsky hospital and issued false documents about their dismissal from subsequent employment in a structural unit of the medical facility Daur district hospital. The doctors submitted documents to the Ministry of health TRANS-Baikal territory and received one million roubles the regional program “Zemsky doctor”, which includes compensation for relocating to the countryside physicians. In fact, the doctors remained on the same jobs.

The crime was revealed by the regional Department of the FSB.

On the website Zabaykalsky hospital stated that the chief doctor of medical institutions is Eugene Humeniuk. Re-registration of doctors, he spent so they don’t quit. Received under the program, the money stayed with them, pointed out “the” a source in law enforcement bodies.

Humeniuk is also a member of the Council of the city settlement in Zabaykalsky.

Criminal cases against doctors who illegally received funds are investigated by the police and will soon be transferred to the TFR.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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