The online store sent the girl dress in blood and refused to return the money


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British online retailer PrettyLittleThing sent client dress with blood stains and refused to refund the purchase. It is reported by The Sun.

After seeing dirty thing, a girl by the name of Seven immediately contacted the company via WhatsApp. It applied to my post the photo for some stains on the blue cloth and noted that it was “definitely not her blood.” The customer also said that the next day is going to go to the post office and send the dress back.

However, the response of the representative PrettyLittleThing impressed Seven. “I absolutely agree that this is outrageous, and I apologize. But, please, do not return it to us. Please write the name of the purchase, and we’ll see what we can do for you”, — stated in the message.

Infuriated by this reaction, the client has published the correspondence on Twitter and noted in the post, the official account of the firm. “They should be ashamed that they took this dress with blood from someone else,” wrote Seven and added that in the end she promised to send another one of the same dress.

In PrettyLittleThing has not commented on the situation.

Earlier in July PrettyLittleThing sent another client order, in which the clothing was sealed Horde of spiders. 21-year-old Georgia Rattray received a parcel with summer things. Printing one of the costumes she saw it crawling many large spiders. When she unfolded the jumpsuit completely, inside she found more dead arthropods.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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