The Orthodox Patriarch was expelled from the Church for heresy



Orthodox bishops in Eritrea excommunicated former Abuna of Patriarch Antonios from the Church, accusing him of heresy. About it reports BBC News.

Six bishops have circulated in this regard, the statement. It says that the actions of Antonios, the last 13 years under house arrest, forced the Church to realize that “his repentance was not genuine”. Because of this he decided to excommunicate. “His name should never be mentioned and remembered, and those who do, will be severely punished,” said the priests.

As noted, in April Antonios secretly filmed video, which was opposed to the Church was headed by a layman, Yoftahe the Dimetros.

Antonios was the head of the Church until 2006. He has long criticized the government, yet 13 years ago was not removed from office and placed under house arrest. This happened after he refused to excommunicate 3 thousand members of the movement for the Sunday school.

Followers of Antonios accuse the authorities of interfering in the Affairs of the Church. Analysts, however, believe that he overthrew to the government could bring the Orthodox Church under its full control.

Officially in Eritrea were allowed to practice only four religions: Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Catholicism, and Sunni Islam. Orthodox Christians, while one of the main religious groups in the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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