The Russians gave for burial the body of someone else’s grandmother and refused to change it


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Smirnov / RIA Novosti

In Korolev near Moscow employees of local funeral homes were given to relatives of the died pensioner the body of another woman and tried to convince them that “the dead are”. This was reported by “Moscow today”.

According to the publication, on July 17 the relatives of the deceased 99-year-old Lydia Vilchik filed a complaint with the police. “Brought another grandmother in our clothes and in our coffin. Although this is clearly not it, another person from our warts, this late no, different noses. This is not our grandmother!” — told the granddaughter of the deceased.

She noted that employees of “Royal funeral home” barely managed to convince to switch. Relatives demanded a DNA test, but in response received threats that this late cut off a finger. In the end we found out that the deceased pensioner may, was taken to be buried in Sergiev Posad, giving her body to other people.

“The phone they do not give us. I even can’t imagine that our grandmother would be buried who knows where,” complained great-granddaughter of the deceased.

According to a niece of the late Valentina Butlickiy, relatives intend to pursue genetic testing.

“The body is messed up somewhere in the previous steps. We gave the relatives the body is received is judicial-medical examination,” said the funeral Director Konstantin Baranov. He explained that to understand the bodies were mixed up or not, happens only after the identification of the relatives of the other deceased.

In July, urban settlement Kuzmolovsky, Leningrad region during the funeral there was a conflict with shooting. The guards would not let the car into the territory, and employees of the ritual company “Kameya” had to carry the coffin from the car Park to the gate on their own. One of the participants in the conflict are detained. Video of the incident appeared online.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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