“The Soviet terminator” from “strange cases” talked about stereotypes about Russians


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American actor of Ukrainian descent, performer of the role of the antagonist in the third season of “strange Affairs” Andrey Ivchenko told TJournal about how the creators of the series, see Russian.

Ivchenko told that he often talked to the producers of the project, to make your character more realistic. He advised the film crew, telling how actually Russian people would react to a particular joke. According to Ivchenko, he tried to do everything possible to have all the characters with Russian roots looked plausible. “I gave advice in the manner of behavior of Russians, how Russians behave in this or that situation,” he said.

The actor lamented the fact that the showrunners didn’t always listen to him. “There were a lot of stereotypes about Russian since the 1990s- these Adidas track suits, leather jackets,” explained he.

According to him, Americans sometimes make the show, not thinking about how the Russian audience will be taken. “You’re trying to explain to them that these chains with crosses, shaved heads — even the criminal authorities in Russia now do not look, this era has already passed,” — said Ivchenko.

The actor added that there are stereotypes not only in the foreign minds, but in Russian. He said that at the domestic box office a lot of movies that show America is not what it really is. “The same thing on the Russian side. Let’s bring back the Americans and make the opposition”, — said Ivchenko.

In the third season of “strange Affairs” Ivchenko played the role of antagonist-a special agent from the Soviet Union. The showrunners created an image of the character based on the terminator in the performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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