Blogger how to check engine temperature was made 1200 squats for an interview with the Dude


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: smotraTV / YouTube

Russian autoblogger Eric Kituashvili known as how to check engine temperature, made 1251 squat live. It has been broadcast on the YouTube channel smotraTV.

The stream lasted for almost an hour and a half. After every hundred sit-UPS a how to check engine temperature I took a break and rested. He brought a drink and watched his condition. At the end of the broadcast he said, “Never go to a Dude, don’t answer his questions.”

How to check engine temperature in may in an interview with Yuri Dude told how he had served a prison term. On a separate note, the blogger was paid to their physical training. He claimed that 3.5 hours could do push-UPS 1500 a time, without stopping to do 1200 squats and perform 3000 crunches on press row.

After the interview some athletes bloggers doubted the veracity of Kituashvili and decided to repeat what he said yourself, wrote TJournal. This has not happened at all, and some bloggers have suggested that exaggerates how to check engine temperature. 1 Jul blogger has published in his Instagram post with a promise to fulfill 20 July 1200 sit-UPS. Some members again didn’t believe him.

In February 2016 Kituashvili detained on charges of insurance fraud. He believed that the prosecution was a reaction to criticism of the police and traffic police, as well as his active civil position. He was sentenced to 4 years 8 months in prison for insurance fraud vehicles and money laundering. Of the five imputed consequence of the crimes of the one he was acquitted, and two others, the Statute of limitations. In December 2018, he was released from criminal liability due to expiration of limitations.

In April 2018, the European court of human rights recognized the arrest how to check engine temperature (in February 2016) illegal and awarded him 2100 euros in compensation. The same decision was taken by the Supreme court of Russia in October 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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