Gypsy Baron from Omsk put up for sale mansion



In the Omsk district Port Arthur for sale cottage Gypsy Baron, the “New Omsk”.

Interior trim two-story house is made using a large amount of gold and crystal, in the living room hangs a huge picture of the Roma family. The design of the rooms is dominated by bright colors — yellow, green, pink and blue.

According to an announcement posted on the website of CYANOGEN, the total area of house is 300 square meters, plot size — 7 acres. The cottage has four bedrooms, study, bathroom. Leisure facilities feature a relaxation area, a gazebo, a swing and a fountain, and a guest house area of 80 square meters.

The images show that the gates of the estate is decorated with gold leaf, at the entrance to the house has numerous sculptures in the living room, in addition to family photos, there is a fireplace, above which hangs a family portrait. On the dining table — gilded busts of girls at the foot of the stairs — a small equestrian statue. In the house a lot of plush toys and porcelain figurines.

“Great offer for a big happy family,” — said the author of the ad. Price of 18 million rubles. It’s not the most expensive offers individual accommodation in the area: nearby 600-foot house on sale for $ 20 million. It is made in a similar style, but the inside is not completed the repair of the premises.

Earlier in July it became known that the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities (FADH) Russia is preparing a program for the prevention of conflicts involving Roma. The head of the Agency Igor Barinov said that in many regions of the country there is tension because of the antisocial lifestyle of some representatives of the Roma people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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