Iran revealed the fate of the crew of the detained British tanker


www.vsyako.netThe Tanker Stena Megafoto: Reuters

The crew of a British tanker Stena Impero, which the Iranian military captured the evening of 19 July, will remain on Board pending investigation of the incident. It is reported by Fars News, citing the head of the local port authority.

The official said that the tanker is at the airport of Bandar Abbas. The crew cannot leave the ship until the investigation will be completed.

Iranian authorities also said that the ship was detained due to the incident with a nearby fishing boat. The tanker did not respond to the distress signal, which was filed by the fishermen, after which he was detained.

Earlier it was reported that Iranian security forces stopped the ship for violation of several rules. So, the ship was off the transponder passed through the Strait in the area used as an exit, not an entrance, and ignored the warning.

Iran announced the capture of the British tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz on the evening of 19 July. On Board there are 23 persons, including three citizens of Russia.

Later the UK foreign office said that Iran has detained two vessels under the British and Liberian flags. Tehran explained that the second vessel was only detained at the time for the warning, and then was able to continue.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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