Participant of beauty contest surprised the choice of swimsuit


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jim Hardy

Participant of beauty contest “Miss England” Aisha Khan came in a wetsuit for surfing on the catwalk in swimsuits. It is reported by The Sun.

21-year-old resident of Blackburn was the only one of the 49 participants who did not wear a bikini. This did not prevent her to be among the 20 finalists.

“I don’t like to show much skin, because that’s what makes me feel uncomfortable. The lack of bikini doesn’t mean that I’m not confident in my body. And I wore a wetsuit, not because my religion forbids me to wear a swimsuit]”, — quotes the words of a girl edition.

According to Hahn, her decision caused a positive response. She has received many messages with the approval of its choice.

Earlier this year, Aisha Khan won the competition “Miss Lester,” which allowed her to take part in the competition at the national level.

“Miss beach beauty” is one of the ten stages of the contest “Miss England”. Participation is not a prerequisite for getting into the finals. Girls should choose a beach dress made from recycled materials. They also participated in different physical activities and answered quiz questions.

The results of the contest “Miss England” will be held on August 1, 2019.

Earlier in July, American Jody Harrison-Bauer was going to be the most Mature member of the shooting in swimwear for the entire history of the legendary magazine Sports Illustrated, known for beach photo shoots.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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