The French army will be a team of science fiction writers


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The Ministry of defence of France will create a “Red team” of futurists and science fiction writers, who will be engaged in forecasting of threats to national security. It is stated in the report of the Agency for defense innovation of France, reports TASS.

The document’s authors note that the development of a defense policy requires “actual analysis of the strategic environment,” which is impossible without the identification of “future threats” and “new vulnerabilities”. Therefore, according to the report, it was decided to create a “Red team” (Red Team): it will include four or five people, which will be responsible “for predicting possible destructive scenarios”, — quotes Agency the document.

Members of the red team will explore the possible consequences of the introduction of information technologies, including artificial intelligence. In the result, military units and intelligence agencies should obtain brief recommendations on how to counter such threats.

The names of science fiction writers and futurists, with whom talks the military, were not disclosed. Details of their work will remain confidential.

On 18 July it was reported that Libya was seen battlemages from Niger and Chad. A former representative of the Libyan national army accused its leader, field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot to use the powers of wizards, which help to subdue the people around him. Civil war continues in Libya since 2011, when he was overthrown and killed who ruled the country since 1969, by Muammar Gaddafi.

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