American journalist spoke about struck her in Moscow


www.vsyako.netSausage Department of “Gastronome №1” in Geofoto: Sergei Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

American journalist Katie Warren (Katie Warren) visited the store and compared it to American shopping centers. This publication reports Business Insider.

Warren was surprised the metal detector at the entrance, pay toilets and lack of air-conditioning outside the individual stores. She argues that in the US it is a rarity. At the same time she liked the glass ceiling above the galleries, live plants and the ice cream sellers on bicycles.

The journalist impressed not boutiques Fendi and Louis Vuitton, which, according to her, there are in any major city in the world, and shop “Gastronom №1”, where products are sold in the Soviet style. “Most of the time I spent looking at the items in the “Deli” that sells fresh pastries and Russian chocolate, as well as candles, cheese, tea, wine and, of course, vodka,” she writes.

“Although the lack of air conditioning and pay toilets can be considered a minus, in my opinion, GUM is very different from a typical Mall in America — and for the better,” concludes Warren.

GUM is a large shopping center on red square in Moscow. Opened in 1893.

In 2018, it was reported that Moscow entered the top ten ranking of cities with the best conditions for life, which is an international consulting company Resonance. Experts estimated 23 parameters, including the availability of housing, employment, the environment, the economy and culture.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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