Announced the closure of the TV series “Voronin”


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Actress Ekaterina Volkova has informed that the 24th season of the Russian TV series “Voronin” will be the last. She wrote about this in his Instagram account.

“This is the last time we the whole family, the whole composition Voronin in the pavilion, on our own, which has already become a mother for 10 years, the kitchen,” wrote the star of the show. According to her, in August, the pavilion will be dismantled, and it will make a new project.

Volkov noted that several scenes of the series will be filmed in Sochi. “But this is not quite the same, not the location, not the atmosphere of our small apartment in Moscow”, — she added.

In 2017, “Voronin” has entered the Guinness Book of records as the longest-running adapted TV project in the world. Achievement was was filming the 455th episode of the series.

“Voronin” — the adaptation of American sitcom “everybody loves Raymond” aired on CBS from September 13 1996 to may 16, 2005. Premiere domestic version was held in 2009.

The sitcom is about the adventures of an ordinary family. Starring George Dronov, Ekaterina Volkova, Stanislav Doinikov, Anna Frolovtseva and Boris Klyuyev.

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