Sobchak criticized the Russians for indifference to reputation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: xenia_sobchak

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak rebuked the Russians in the irresponsible attitude to reputation. About it she wrote in the Instagram account.

According to her, the country lacks the reputation Institute, and people not interested in the misdeeds of each other in the past. Sobchak said that in this respect Russia is “amazing”.

“My friend told me: fire sommelier for stealing ,and had a week — new job. Calling specially to the owner of the wine bar, saying: “I fired DOE for theft”. You and the owner in response to: “Well, Yes. But a sommelier, it is good”,” he cited the example of the indifferent attitude of the reputation of the presenter.

She added that she knows a lot of examples in business or journalism, when the public mistakes or participation in fraudulent schemes people did not prevent them to continue working in the same field.

Sobchak said that this attitude to the negative actions of people much “everything” but she can’t understand why in Russia the reputation does not play a big role.

In early July, the TV presenter responded to comments on Instagram, in which she was criticized for publishing a picture of a naked son of Plato. She complained that the subscribers “shit for brains”, and they do not understand that putting “these pictures of young children is normal, especially if the footage was shot from the back.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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