The Russian-Ukrainian pilot of the U.S. air force told of the patriotism


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Russian-born tech-Sergeant Inna Lviv, responsible for financial analysis on the basis of Schriever (co), air force (USAF), the United States, is proud to wear military uniform and considers himself an American, according to DVIDSHub.

“I moved to United States when I was eight years old. Originally I am from Russia and Ukraine. I’m proud that I’m American. The possibilities offered by this country, a phenomenal, life here is amazing,” said the master Sergeant.

Lvov said that he was proud of his work ethic. “Where I come from, we do not have equal opportunities, so to get to where you want to be, you need a lot of work”, — said the military.

Lviv has noted friendly attitude. “Air force is really good practice diversity. I always felt a part of this team and mission. Around me great support system and people to whom I can appeal if necessary,” — said in Lviv.

Her boss, master Sergeant Cathy Blake, noted the positive tone of the subordinate and the absence of her “bad days”.

“I’m here to serve my country. No matter where I was born or grew up. We are all here to serve, we are all American pilots,” — said in Lviv.

After obtaining the rank of master Sergeant military plans to leave the service and go to work in the office of Apple in Austin (TX). “In the end, hard work really pays off”, she added.

In June, the Deputy commander of the aerospace forces (VKS) Russian Lieutenant-General Andrei Yudin said that the Russians who for the first time in the history of the country have been training for military pilots, will be able to serve in any kind of aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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