Alibasov has warned against cleaning products in packing from-under mayonnaise


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User entertainment website under the name Pikabu Mephistofil posted a photo of cleaning products that look like the packaging of the mayonnaise. He also remembered about the case with producer Bari by Alibasov, who was poisoned tool for cleaning pipes “Mole”, mistaking it for a bottle of drink.

Your post by the author titled: “Bari Karimovich, your out!” Cleaning cream with micro-crystals is a subject of household chemicals, but visually similar to the packaging of mayonnaise, including the cap and yellow-green combination of colors. “Sometimes one feels that Olivier lacks microcrystals,” wrote one of the users in the comments.

Vice President, corporate relations of the manufacturer, Unilever Irina Bakhtin said the radio station “Moscow speaking” that they will change packaging design and an updated version will be on the shelves by the end of 2019.

“We have recommended the brand to strengthen the inscription, to make it clear that this is a cleaning cream and not some other. They agreed with it, it’s already in work,” she said. Bakhtin explained that the new products will be released instead to do with refined marking.

According to her, in Unilever always very strictly monitor such cases that occur with their brands, according to media reports, every ten years. “Although the situation with Bari by Alibasova has been beaten several times, and we did not understand, frankly, was the place where the incident or not,” — said the representative of the company.

Bari Alibasov 4 Jun accidentally drank a tool for cleaning pipes “Mole”. He was hospitalized with acute poisoning. The producer received strong burns of the esophagus, a few days spent in a coma.

He later recovered and started giving interviews on television and to participate in the talk show. In this regard, the poisoning is believed not all. Skeptics note that the frequent guest on the television producer says confidently, clearly and not like the man who received burns of the esophagus and survived a coma.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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