Blogger will pay for the humiliation of the cat live


www.vsyako.netAlinity DivineФото: @alinitydivine

Popular blogger Alinity Divine was criticized by animal welfare activists and users of social networks after during one of the broadcasts on Twitch threw his cat on the floor, reports The Daily Dot.

During the stream the girl sits and plays, then turns to the cat and throws it back through itself, as the pet closed her screen with the game. Organization for the protection of animals (People for the ethical treatment of animals, PETA) appealed to support Twitch with a request to permanently block streamers.

Users supported the requirement of the organization. Users also found another video of the abuse of Pets. It Alinity drinks some vodka from the bottle and then gives it to the cat. As a result, the pet runs away from girls.

Blogger itself later responded to accusations of animal rights activists and apologized. “I understand the desire to report me to the authorities for the protection of animals and the call to do likewise, if they believe that animals are mistreated by anyone and anywhere, — she wrote. Alinity Divine admitted that he had given a cat to try the vodka, “it happened more than a year ago” and was “a nonsense”.

Twitch have not commented on the actions trimarchi, its a channel available on the service website.

Earlier blogers Belle Delphine (Delphine Belle), who became famous thanks to the sale of water from private baths, blocked in Instagram.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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