Blood winning the contest lamb found a prohibited substance


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The lamb that won the fair contest in Ohio, USA, discovered in the blood of prohibited substances. This writes the New York Post.

The analyses showed the presence of diuretics in the body of the lamb. According to veterinarians, the medication not only provided the animal an unfair advantage in the contest, but worsened the quality of his meat.

Doctors noted that he did not know how the banned substance got inside the lamb, but I think that honest participation in the contest was to be provided by the Exhibitor. The organizers will investigate the incident.

It is specified that the lamb was deprived of all prizes and awards. Also the organizers of the fair had to return money to customers who have purchased animal. In addition, it is noted that now before sending a lamb to the slaughter, you will need to wait until his body would display all the drugs that make the meat unsafe for human consumption.

The state government require that every animal that won the contest, checked for banned substances before slaughter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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