Disproved the existence of the Yeltsin plan for the sale of Karelia


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The Russian leadership never raised the issue of the sale of the Republic of Karelia of Finland. About this owned by Grigory Berezkin publication RBC said the former Secretary of state under the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, Gennady Burbulis.

“Never such could not be”, — he said.

That in the Kremlin in 1991 discussed the possibility of the relevant transaction and the estimated amount of $ 15 billion, July 21, reported the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat with reference to the then Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Fedorov. He said that the political leadership of Russia have worked on the topic “behind closed doors”.

In addition, according to Fedorova, at the same time the Russian authorities had prepared a list of regions and towns, whose problems may need to be addressed with international assistance. In the list, in addition to Karelia, entered the Kuril Islands, Kaliningrad oblast and Pytalovo district of the Pskov region, which until 2007 was the object of territorial claims by Latvia. The idea of selling of Karelia has arisen due to lack of funds, however, already in 1994 this question was finally closed, says the diplomat.

The General Director of the Russian international Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov in an interview with RBC said “somewhat shocking” nature of Fedorov and added that the subject of sale Karelia could be discussed in the foreign Ministry only in operation, but about any sale of speech was not. “And officially, this issue was not raised,” — he stressed.

Information about negotiations about the possible sale of a part of the Republic of Finns have been circulating in the press back in 2007. Then it was reported that the Helsinki refused the deal, arguing that the region’s recovery will be unsustainable for the economy.

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