Exposed popular myths about the female breast


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British consultant oncoplastic breast and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Jacqueline Lewis has debunked some of the most common myths about the female breast. Her words quoted by the Daily Mail.

First and foremost, the expert explained why, contrary to popular belief, exercise does not affect breast elasticity. According to her, the firmness depends on the quality of skin and amount of adipose and breast tissues in the body. If a young woman regularly performs push-UPS, her Breasts really becomes denser. However, with age, the skin loses its elasticity, the ligaments are stretched, and fatty tissue replaces glandular solid. All this inevitably leads to sagging.

Secondly, it was found that the bra helps to keep the shape of the breast. Lewis said that the underwear is visually corrects the shape, but as soon as she takes it off, her Breasts again takes a natural look. In addition, sleeping in a bra also contributes to shape retention.

Another myth was the belief that breast stops growing at the age of 17. For example, it becomes larger during pregnancy and breastfeeding and lose elasticity during menopause.

In conclusion, Lewis said about how to enlarge breast in a natural way. According to her, this can help the fennel tea: it has estrogenic effect on breast tissue, which leads to a temporary increase in its volume. However, neither the size nor the shape of the breast will not change forever.

In may of 2018 members of the British plastic surgery clinics Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has determined that the third breast size makes women happy. 39 percent of owners of this size said that completely satisfied and your body and life. The fourth dimension was glad to have 37 percent of women, first by 34%. 29 percent said they are satisfied with a size five.

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