Free money Russians felt in “instant noodles”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Ryumin / TASS

The amount of money available to the average Russian family in June 2019 increased by 11 percent compared to may and reached 33,1 thousand roubles. This is evidenced by the results of the research of holding “ROMIR”.

Analysts say that the growth of free money typical for June because of the holiday season. Together with the nominal growth of the “free money” is increasing and their purchasing power, which is evident in terms of the money in packages of instant noodles “Doshirak”.

So, if the current June average Russian family can buy 794 bundles, in the past enough money to 727 packs. In the previous three years, the purchasing power of the “free money” in the “Ramen” was in the range of five hundred.

In 2012-2014 all “free money” you could buy more than 600 boxes of noodles, in 2009-2011 — 440-490 packs.

Free money — the difference between household income and the cost of necessary goods and services (food, consumer goods, payment of utilities, transport and other services).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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